Our Facilities and Equipment

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High quality certified materials from approved & globally recognised steel mills.
Ready stocks of material for the shortest lead times.

Main materials processed:

• Low and medium Carbon Steel
• Stainless Steel A2, A4, F1 (Stainless 430)
• Aluminum
• Brass, Copper

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Material preparation is all done in-house.

• Wire pickling
• Descaling
• Phosphating
• Treatment and lubrication
• Coil annealing
• Wire drawing and straightening

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High flexibility for small, medium and mass production volumes. We continue to grow by increasing our capacity through continuous expansion and process improvements,
providing more customer benefits.

• Daily capacity up to 36.000.000 parts
• Fully integrated ERP system for process
control and on-time deliveries

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100 Heading machines equipped with auto-check software.

80 Roll threading machines.

Diameter range : M2.0 – M10.0

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Fully automated RoHS compliant electroplating line.
Conveyor tempering furnace for consistent and reliable hydrogen embrittlement stress relief.

Quality assured at our parts finishing laboratory:
• Automated salt spray test chambers
• Plating thickness testers

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Latest technology vision (camera) inspection to meet your strict PPM

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Our qualified and experienced engineers conduct all testing in-house.

• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Multiple hardness test methods
• Torque test, head bend test
• Recess depth & wobble gauging
• Dimensional & screw thread gauging
• Profile projectors
• Self-tapping & self-drilling simulators

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5,000 sq. m. area in our finished goods warehouse.

Our focus is on providing excellent service and advantages for our

• Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
• Buffer stocks based on forecast
• Stock on hand reports for our customers
• Computerised FIFO (first in, first out)
• On-time deliveries assured